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Our services


We are experts in the field of Hydraulic driven cargo pumping equipment for sea-going chemical and product Tanker Vessels. We have a worldwide network established for service attendance and spare parts supply. We provide good, reliable and less cost service and parts, in order to meet the vessels and customer’s needs.

We are specialists in FRAMO; KOSAKA, MARFLEX; SVANEHÖJ, BOSCH REXROTH, HG pumps and other Cargo and Ballast Pumping System; Anti-heeling systems,Power packs and Hydraulic equipment in general including hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic control valves.

Our cargo pumping system inspections are the most complete in the market. Besides the regular tests and visual condition inspection we offer vibrations check, thermography, performance and capacity test.

Hydra Consult team has already carried out projects and services of inspection, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting, among others, for shipowners and fleets of all sizes. Thanks to the technical expertise of this team, the Hydra Consult also offers training and remote assistance.


We can also supply support and specialized technicians through our partner companies:

Electrical equipments and instrumentation-Signal SA

Air Compressors, Refrigeration Compression-Condensing Units, Heat Exchangers, L.O. and F.O. Purifiers, LSA Launching & Small cranes inspection, Fiberglass Lifeboats Repair and Refurbishment, Cranes and Wire ropes provision replacement, by our partner GLAN Marine Services SRL.

Load testing of lifting equipment with certification by our Hydra Consult Brazil department. Do you need to carry out maintenance on your vessels? Contact us and request a cost estimate.


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